Ibis Wilpattu

Our Nest, designed by an internationally acclaimed award-winning architect and childhood friend, was built using only local craftsmen and materials from the village of Saliyawewa. It was initially built as a villa-styled two roomed holiday get away for our family.

Our home was named after the Ibis,  a bird species from the stork family Threskiornithidae. The Ibis was an object of veneration, believed to be responsible for time, the moon and magic in some cultures and was a sign of fertility. These characteristics do justice to the magical and idyllic setting for The Ibis Lodge – Wilpattu. This along with the two species of Ibis found on the lake which the property overlooks, was the inspiration for the name of this private villa-styled property.

Our main aim in opening out our home, The Ibis Lodge –  Wilpattu to YOU, is that you feel at home and enjoy the traditional Sri Lankan warmth and hospitality. The Ibis you see before you today is the collective result of the vison of many people who understood the beauty of simplicity and nature, which is fast disappearing in the world of technology and modernity.

Presently The Ibis Lodge – Wilpattu, consists of six bedrooms, a tree house and a tent, which allow you not only to experience the absolute peace and serenity of rural Sri Lanka, but to hear the chirps of over a hundred species of birds by day, while at night it creates the impression that you could reach out and touch the moon and the stars, making you feel one with nature.

The staff at The Ibis are extended family members who have worked for us for a while,
and they will take care of you like their own.

We Sri Lankans, are proud of our food, culture and heritage, and enjoy dishing this out to the world. We bring you Sri Lankan cuisine, prepared using produce from our garden, local farms and the lake. These dishes prepared by our chef will give you the taste of a true Sri Lankan meal.
Ibis Wilpattu

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